Owner and Renter Frequently Asked Questions

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Owner FAQ

How do I begin the process to secure you as my property manager?
We welcome you to set up an appointment with one of our property managers for a one on one sit down of the options available to you.
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What is the typical deposit?
We require a deposit equal to one month of rent to be paid before a tenant moves into your property to protect you as the homeowner from any damages that might be left upon move out.
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When do I receive my monthly proceeds and statement?
Each payment will be made via ACH deposit, unless otherwise requested, between the 10th and 11th of every month. Variable will be (1) when your tenant pays the rent, and (2) how long your bank takes to process and post the deposit to your account. Want to sleep better at night? We highly recommend having at least one month's mortgage payment in reserve. We understand and are sensitive to the fact that it is important that you receive your proceeds as soon as possible.
You will also receive a monthly statement. Expect to receive your monthly statement by the 10th of each month. You will be notified via email when your statement is ready, with a time sensitive link to go online through your owner portal and view the detailed statement.
Additionally, the IRS requires we provide you with an annual 1099 documenting the amount of rent we have collected for your rental property. Expect to receive your 1099 on or before February 1st. We do electronically file identical copies of the owner 1099's with the IRS as required by law.
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When will I get paid if rent is late?
You will receive your payment between the 20th and 25th of the month.
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Do you handle evictions?
In the rare case we need to proceed with an eviction, we will handle everything from contacting the lawyer, posting notices, and taking possession of the property.
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Do I have to allow pets?
Our general policy is to allow a maximum of two pets per our pet policy. No vicious breeds on our restricted breed list without prior owner approval and additional insurance may be required. We charge a $200 non-refundable pet fee for the first pet, $100 non-refundable fee for the second pet, in addition to $25 monthly pet rent for each pet. Please look in the descrption paragraph of each property for specific information as to whether or not that property will accept pets or you may call our office 931.591.3216 for verification of pets.

For any other questions as an owner, please contact us at (931) 591-3216.

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Prospective Tenant FAQ

What is the application process?
Each person over the age of 18 that will be occupying the premises must fill out a completed application. You can apply for a property online at our website or in person at our office. You will be asked to provide proof of income, rental history, and information regarding any pets.
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What are the application fees?
A $40 application fee is required of each person over the age of 18. The fee can be paid online via a credit or debit card, or brought to our office in the form of cash or money order.
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How long will it take for me to find out if I'm approved?
We do a comprehensive background, criminal, rental history, and eviction check on each applicant. Our goal is to have a decision to you within 3 business days AFTER receiving all necessary documents.
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What do you need for proof of income?
  • Military – most current LES
  • Civilian – three (3) months of paystubs or three (3) months of bank statements showing deposit from employer
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How can I hold a property?
We cannot hold a property without a full holding fee paid. Holding fees are equal to one month of rent. It is a first come, first serve basis. If you put a holding fee down and are still in the application process, ONLY if the applicant(s) are not approved for any reason, the Holding fee will be refunded in full. If applicant has placed a holding fee and is approved with a double deposit and the applicant chooses not to continue with the process, the holding fee will be refunded. If you are approved and change your mind, you will forfeit the holding fee.
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How can I pay a deposit?
You will first put down a holding fee and after you sign the lease we will convert that to your security deposit. Holding fees can only be paid via cash, money order, PayPal or Venmo. If using paypal you may use "holdingfees.myplace@gmail.com" as the payee. Venmo you can type My Place Realty and you will see our logo pull up. If your application is denied your holding fee is fully refundable minus any paypal or venmo fees, if applicable. Applications that are denied we will processed by the same payment method within 48 hours. Please allow paypal or venmo up to 5 business days to post on your account. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ALLOWED.
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Do you have a military clause in your lease?
We follow the strict guidelines of the Service Member Relief Act.
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Do you allow pets?
We allow a maximum of two pets per our pet policy. No vicious breeds on our restricted breed list without prior owner approval and additional insurance may be required. We charge a $200 non-refundable pet fee for the first pet, $100 non-refundable fee for the second pet, in addition to $25 monthly pet rent for each pet.
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Do you offer other lease terms other than 12 months?
A lease for less than 12 months requires prior approval from the homeowner, in which there is an extra monthly fee of $100 for a 6 month lease, and $200 for month to month.
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Where should I go to turn my utilities over into my name?
For the general Clarksville area:
  • Clarksville Gas & Water
    2215 Madison Street
    Clarksville, TN 37043
    (931) 645-7400
  • Clarksville CDE Lightband (Electricity in city)
    2021 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.
    Clarksville, TN 37040
    (931) 648-8151
  • CEMC (Electricity in County)
    1940 Madison St
    Clarksville TN 37043
    (931) 645-2481
  • Queens City Disposal (Trash)
    (931) 896-1500
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Do you take Section 8?
Please contact us to see if we have any properties that are Section 8 approved.
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What should I expect to pay on move in day?
We require the first full month of rent on move in day, regardless of the day of the month. The prorated amount will be due the following first of the month. We require a $200 non-refundable administrative fee be paid upfront before receiving keys as well.
Example: John signs a lease for a home at $1,000/month for rent and moves in on November 10th. John must pay $1,000 on November 10th before getting keys. On December 1st, he will only be charged $699.93. January 1st and to the end of his lease will be the full amount of $1,000.

($1,000/30 days = $33.33/day; $33.33 x 21 days in house in Nov = $699.93)
If you have pets, you will be expected to pay pet rent and pet fees as well.
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Current Tenant FAQ

How can I pay rent?
We offer many convenient ways to pay your rent.
Online Tenant Portal
Allows you to pay via e-check or credit/debit card, as well as allows you to set up auto pay.
We take cash, money orders, and checks in office. Please note that we DO NOT TAKE CREDIT OR DEBIT PAYMENTS IN OFFICE.
Drop Box
Convenient for those who stop by before or after office hours. Please make sure to leave your name and address with your check or money order so we can make sure it gets posted to the correct account. We are not responsible for any cash left in the drop box.
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How should I submit a maintenance request?
Please submit ALL maintenance requests INCLUDING emergencies through the tenant portal. Lisa will be notified immediately and will be in contact with you asap. If you do not have access to your portal you may call 931.591.3216 ext 3 and LEAVE A MESSAGE and if it's truly an emergency someone will contact you shortly. Emergencies are considered, but not limited too (i.e. Fire, No heat, NO working toilets, busted pipes/water heater, water coming in through the ceiling or on floors, sewer backup). Pest control, no a/c, oven not working is NOT considered an emergency.
Routine: Login to your online tenant portal and submit a maintenance request.
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My lease is almost up; what are my options?
Renew or give your 30 days notice to vacate at the end of your lease terms.
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How do I give notice to vacate the property?
As per your lease, you are required to give us at least 30 days WRITTEN notice of your intent to vacate the property, NO EXCEPTIONS! You can email us, mail us, or come into our office and give us your notice. Once we receive your notice, we will email you a packet with clear move out instructions.
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Tips on touch up painting?
If there are small nail holes please do NOT do anything to walls. Noticeable or large scuffs, spills, fingerprints, markings, excessive small nail holes in 1 area or med/large nail holes, dings, dents, screw holes, command strips, damage to drywall, etc you will be charged for painting each wall that is applicable. You may mud, sand, paint to WALLS only as long as it's done in a professional manor. Touch ups are NOT allowed. If we can tell its been touched up you will be charged. If you were approved for a bold color it must be painted back to original color. Flat paint is NOT washable. Do not try to wash flat painted walls.
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When is the move out inspection?
After you give your 30-day notice, call office schedule your move out inspection for the last date on your lease during business hours.
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Do I have to be present for the move out inspection?
Our tenants always have a right to be present for the move out inspection. If you decide not to be present, please note that you waive your right to dispute any charges for damage per your lease agreement.
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What fees should I expect to have taken out of my security deposit?
Mandatory fees taken out of security deposit include but are not limited to: Re-Key, Carpet Cleaning (only if property has carpet), as well as any cleaning and/or repairs deemed necessary at move out.
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